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www.hackerslounge.in website (hereinafter “WEBSITE”) has been created by HackersLouge Pvt Ltd, registered in Jaipur in India,Reference No. U80903RJ2022PTC084027(hereinafter “HKL”), in order to provide information and access to services for Users of the WEBSITE.


This is a binding Agreement between HKL and the User of the WEBSITE. By using the WEBSITE YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

In case of disagreement with the terms and conditions of use, the User must not use the services and the content of the WEBSITE and FORUM.

1. Agreement to terms and conditions of use:

Kindly read the following Terms and Conditions of Use of the WEBSITE and Forum carefully before accessing or using our websites and services. When you use the WEBSITE and Forum, you agree to accept completely and unconditionally the Terms and Conditions of Use included herein and to comply with them.

Individuals who are 18 years of age or older, or who have legal parental or guardian consent, and who are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, and representations set out herein, may register to use the Website and Forum. By registering to use the WEBSITE and Forum, you thus declare that you match one of the above-mentioned conditions, and HKL is not liable for any usage by Users who do not meet the above properties.

In the event that the User disagrees with the terms and conditions of use,the User must refrain from using the services and content of the WEBSITE and Forum.

HKL has the right to suspend or terminate the operation of the WEBSITE and Forum for any cause and at any time. HKL maintains the right, at any time and without warning, to make changes and improvements to the WEBSITE and FORUM and its contents, layout, and presentation. These Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to change at any time and without notice. As a result, Users must carefully read this document each time they use the WEBSITE and Forum.

2. Intellectual property rights

The entire content of the WEBSITE and Forum,including, for example, text, graphics, photos, digital phonograms, programmes, representations source code, news, articles, information, data, drawings, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive marks, names, logos, product names, company names, services provided, and so on, is subject to copyright that belongs exclusively to the HKL or its content suppliers and is governed by the applicable National, State, and Local laws. Additionally, it is made accessible to Users just for personal (non-commercial - non-profit) use.

Without the prior written consent of the HKL, any copying, reproduction, republication, transfer, storage, processing, transmission, distribution, sale, issuance, execution, loading (download), translation or modification in any manner, communication, dissemination, or any other use of the WEBSITEs content in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes whatsoever, in part or in summary form, is expressly prohibited.

Nothing on the WEBSITE and Forum should be interpreted as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any licence or right to use any HKLs Intellectual Property without HKLs prior written authorization.

All goodwill produced by the use of any HKLs Intellectual Property shall benefit HKL. HKL maintains the right to take all available remedies for any breach of these terms and conditions.

Any other trademarks, badges, product names, business names, designs and logos, registered trademarks, and intellectual property rights of third parties appearing on this WEBSITE are the property of their respective owners and are within their jurisdiction.

Please contact us at hackerslounge.officials@gmail.com if you have any questions about the reproduction rights of any section of the WEBSITE and Forum, or if you want to apply for permission to reproduce content.

3. Rights and Obligations of the User

At all times, User must refrain from any unlawful, inappropriate, or abusive use of the content and services provided on this WEBSITE, in accordance with relevant laws, and must respect HKLs intellectual property rights.

Users may not take any action while using HKLs services that will harm or change the content of the WEBSITE or hinder its normal functioning.

Users are not permitted to cause technical problems, send items containing computer viruses, or otherwise damage, interfere with, or intercept this WEBSITE or the property of others.

Without the previous written permission of HKLs, users may not use the website for commercial, advertising, self-promotion, or third-party promotion.

Users must first get access to and register a HKL User account in order to view and utilise certain areas of the WEBSITE.

Usernames and passwords are completely the responsibility of the user. Individual login information is non-transferable. If a users account is lost, forgotten, edited, or stolen, he should inform us as soon as possible so that we can take the appropriate action.

Users must conduct themselves appropriately, gently, and with discretion when visiting and using the WEBSITE, and the use of unfair competition practises or other practises that are contradictory to NETIQUETTE (http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html) is absolutely prohibited.

Users must not disclose any of the solutions to the machines or challenges provided on the WEBSITE, with the exception of the defunct ones.

Users must not share any of the answers to the pro labs featured on the WEBSITE in any form.

Users can practise in the designated practise locations.

In line with the Terms and Conditions of Use, users may upload their machines and challenges to the Website.

In line with the Terms and Conditions of Use, users may purchase a premium membership.

Users may participate in the Forum in line with the Forums Terms and Conditions of Use.


Users are accountable for any expenses (costs created by the Users activity that would not otherwise occur) or damages incurred as a result of inappropriate usage or non-compliance with these terms and conditions of use.

4. “Machines” and “Challenges” uploaded by Users

Users may upload their own machine or challenge on the WEBSITE for other Users to practice in penetration / security testing but only with the previous expressed permission of HKL and under the following conditions:


For the first six months, the User/creator of the “machine” - grants Hackerslounge exclusive rights of use and distribution of the “machine”.

During the first six months, the creator cannot upload the “machine” to another site or publish or share in general anywhere the solution of the “machine”.

After the period of six months the User/creator of the “machine” - grants Hackerslounge non-exclusive rights of use and distribution of the “machine”.

The name of the User/creator of the “machine” – will be visible on the “machine”, unless otherwise agreed.


User/creator cannot publish or share in general anywhere the solution of the “challenge”.

User/creator of the “challenge” - grants Hackerslounge non-exclusive rights of use and distribution of the “challenge”.

The name of the User/creator of the “challenge” – will be visible on the “challenge”, unless otherwise agreed.

5. Limitation of liability

The material of the WEBSITE and Forum is provided available as is, and HKL makes no express or implicit guarantees about the technical quality, soundness, timeliness, commercial potential, or suitability of its content for any use, application, or purpose.

HKL does not promise that the webpages, services, options, and contents will be available without interruption or errors, or that every single error will be repaired and all filed queries will be answered.

HKL makes no assurance that the WEBSITE and FORUM, or any other related website or servers, via which the content is made available to Users, are free of viruses or other malicious components. The Users access to the restricted network - (HKL Network) is entirely his responsibility formed under his/her own responsibility.

Anything offered to Users via our WEBSITE and Forum should not be construed, directly or indirectly, as encouragement, advice, or inducement to conduct any criminal activity. All publications or services given have a clear instructional goal, such as improving the Users penetration/security testing abilities. Every User acts on his or her own free will and ethics, and is solely accountable for his or her actions.

HKL accepts no responsibility for any misuse and/or inappropriate use of the WEBSITEs and Forums services by a User. The User who performed the aforementioned activities is solely responsible for any damages made to the WEBSITE and FORUM, the Network, another User, or any third party.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, may HKL be held liable for any type of harm that the User of the WEBSITE and Forum may experience as a result of their access on their own initiative.

6. Links

The WEBSITE and Forum may contain connections to other portals or websites that are not managed by HKL. HKL hereby proclaims that it has no control over such portals or websites, which are subject to their own respective conditions of use, and is not responsible for their content, nor does it create any duties for anybody. Any links on this WEBSITE and Forum will be for information and reference only.

TThe inclusion of these links does not imply HKLs endorsement or recognition of the content of the associated websites. Third-party websites accessible via our WEBSITE and Forum are not subject to the rules outlined below. HKL accepts no duty or liability, makes no assurance of availability, and bears no responsibility for any of their material or services, nor for their confidentiality policies.

User will use such links at his own risk, and any issues that may emerge during the visit or use of these websites should be directed to the appropriate website.

7. Protection of Personal Data

The management and protection of the WEBSITEs Users personal data is subject to the terms of this Agreement, as well as the applicable rules of National, European, and international legislation addressing the protection against the processing of personal data, as they apply at any given time.

Any potential future agreement shall be governed by this Agreement. In any event, HKL retains the right to re-adapt personal data protection obligations, always in conformity with the existing statutory framework.

As a result, these personal data protection criteria can be reviewed and updated at any time without prior notice. Users of WEBSITE and FORUM are kindly invited to check the terms of use for any changes at frequent intervals, given that continued use of WEBSITE and FORUM carries a presumption that the User has read, understood, and accepted all possible revisions to it

HKL gathers personal information from WEBSITE and Forum Users only if they offer it knowingly and with the goal of obtaining an account code and a password in order to use and access some services such as forums, blogs, etc, or classified information based on the Users status, etc.

Personal data is defined as any information that may be used to identify a person, contact them, or gain further information about them.

With the exception of the implementation of legal impositions and exclusively to the relevant authorities, HKL will not offer any personal information for sale, transfer, or make public personal data of visitors/users to third parties who are not linked to us.

Part or all of the information submitted by visitors/users may be used by HKL for statistical reasons and/or to enhance its services and information.

By sending an e-mail to hackerslounge.officials@gmail.com, the User can contact HKL to double-check the presence of any personal archive, as well as to request its correction, modification, or deletion.

HKL may gather information on the identification of WEBSITE and Forum Users by utilising related technology, such as cookies, and/or by monitoring Internet Protocol addresses (IP). If the User does not want to utilise cookies, they may disable their creation by altering the settings on their browser.

Because the HKL relies on third parties to process credit/debit card transactions, the HKL must share payment information with them.

It is conceivable that this webpage contains connections to other websites that are managed by third parties (persons or legal entities). Under no circumstances is HKL liable for the data protection practises of third parties.

8. Compensation - Indemnity

It is expressly agreed that in the event that an action/application or claim, administrative, accounting, or judicial, is brought against our portal arising from actions committed by the User, the User agrees to intervene in the legal procedure, accepting responsibility, and to compensate HKL, the operators, officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, and suppliers of our WEBSITE and Forum if they are required to co-operate.

9. Forum

The HKL forum (FORUM) is offered as a service to allow members of the HKL community to engage with one another. The User who wishes to register to publish material in our Forum confirms that he has read, comprehended, and accepted to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Forums content is user-generated, and posts represent the authors thoughts and opinions, not those of HKL. HKL accepts no responsibility for any of the material posted to the Forum, including the veracity of User claims regarding HKL.

The Forum may be used solely for the purpose of discussing ideas with community members and other Users. User undertakes to abide by all relevant laws when using the Forum.

User shall not upload or transmit any material that infringes or misappropriates any persons copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret, nor shall you disclose in forum posts any information that would constitute a violation of any confidentiality obligations you may have, including, but not limited to, obligations contained in a non-disclosure agreement.

Users are explicitly banned from accumulating and exploiting personal information of other forum users for the purpose of constructing marketing lists or using such information for commercial solicitation.

While using the FORUM, User undertakes not to access or attempt to access any other Users account, or to misrepresent or attempt to falsify his identity.

Any unlawful, harmful, offensive, threatening, abusive, libellous, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, fraudulent, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including but not limited to any material that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offence,give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any applicable National, European or International law.

Unauthorized copyrighted content or anything infringing on the intellectual property of another

Confidential or non-disclosure agreement-protected content

Any type of commercial solicitation, including advertising

Communications that might be misconstrued with official HKL communications or other offensive or inappropriate User Content

Content containing viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other kinds of malicious computer code; or subjecting the websites network or servers to excessive traffic loads; or engaging in any behaviour deemed detrimental to the websites normal operation.

If you suspect that anything or content published on the Website may infringe on your or anothers copyright, please notify us at hackerslounge.officials@gmail.com.

HKL and the moderators accept no liability for the content of communications submitted to the forum, whether arising under copyright, libel, privacy, obscenity, or other laws. Users are solely liable for their own conduct.

HKL maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to remove content from the forum at any time.

10. Paid subscription

In line with these Terms and Conditions of Use, the user may purchase a paid membership to get access to predefined services. The rewards available in each category will be listed on the WEBSITE.

11. Terms of Payment

The paid Services supplied by the HKLs WEBSITE are typically non-refundable due to their nature, and any refunds or credits granted will be at the sole discretion of the HKL. If HKL decides to give a refund for whatever reason, HKL is only required to do so in the original currency of payment (INR). Paid accounts that are cancelled due to a breach of these Terms and Conditions will lose all money and credits and will not be refunded.

If a fraudulent payment is identified, such as the use of a stolen credit card, HKL retains the right to immediately terminate service, and such cases may be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

After paying the preset fee, the user will get access to the predetermined services.

HKL offers two payment options: a) an annual subscription and b) a monthly subscription with automatic payment for each succeeding month. In every situation, payment is made in advance of the service.

The user grants HKL permission to charge any credit card provided on a monthly recurring basis. Credit balances will also be debited automatically on a monthly basis.

If the amount required or the services supplied change, the User will be notified quickly and directly through email. If the User does not agree, he must remove his consent for HKL to collect automatic payments from his bank account.

If the User desires to cancel automatic payments, he must either utilise the current option on the WEBSITE or write an email to hackerslounge.officials@gmail.com saying that he intends to cancel the service and revokes authorization for HKL to collect automatic payments from his/her bank account. Such revocation shall be effective as of the date of the delivered email, with respect to any planned payments that occur after that date.

It is the users responsibility to keep card details up to date.

Paid subscriptions that become late will be promptly suspended.

12. Moderators

Volunteer moderators may, but are not required to, support and help the User during his visit to the WEBSITE, as well as monitor or review the content of any messages made to the Forum. Moderators are not HKL employees or contractors; rather, they serve as moderators as community members. HKL accepts no responsibility for any activities taken in violation of this Agreement and/or relevant Laws.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English and Welsh law, without respect to any statutory or common-law conflict-of-law provision. Each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim arising out of or related to this agreement (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

Despite the above, nothing in this Agreement precludes Hackerslounge from exercising its Intellectual Property Rights in other areas.

If you are operating as an individual consumer and required statutory consumer protection legislation in your country of residency contain provisions that are more favourable to you, such requirements will apply regardless of the English law you choose.

Any provision of the above-mentioned terms that is contradictory to the legal framework or has become obsolete will be presumed to be inoperative and will be deleted from the present document without affecting the force of the remaining terms.

14. Notices

Notices, requests, permissions, waivers, and other communications necessary or allowed by this agreement must be in writing and mailed by registered or certified mail, communicated by electronic mail, or delivered in person.

15. Contact

If you desire to communicate with Hackerslounge Pvt. Ltd, please send an e-mail to hackerslounge.officials@gmail.com Furthermore, if you see any difficulties with the nodes content that are connected to legal or moral issues, particularly with the reproduction and use of intellectual property rights, please notify us at hackerslounge.officials@gmail.com.